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Zipzicle re-usable icy pole covers (36pk)

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Ziplock home-made icy pole covers. Pack 36

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Zipzicles home made icy-poles

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  • Zipzicle lemon home made icy pole
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  • Zipzicle home made icy pole
  • Zipzicle home made icy pole
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  • Zipzicle blueberry home made icy poles
  • Zipzicles home made icy-poles
  • Zipzicles home made icy-poles
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Ziplock pouches for making your own Zipzicle home-made icy poles

Zipzicle, zipsicle, sipsicle - whatever you name them they are so simple it's amazing they were not invented before this! Imagine if your kids could have home-made icy-poles made from natural ingredients, that are portable and non-drip? Now they can! Zipzicle's were invented by a family whose son could have no additives, and we know most of our customers would prefer to avoid the chemical additives, coours and flavourings in bought ice blocks and ice creams, so we are wrapt with this invention. The possibilities for what you can put in your home made Zipzicles is endless - from fresh fruit purees, to mixed cocktail inspired recipes, yoghurt and home made lemon cordial. The only thing we don't suggest you put in them is fizzy drinks - these expand when freezing and you can end up with a mess in your freezer. Kids will love to create their own icy-poles, ice blocks and ice creams, which can be conveniently eaten out and about with no drips or spills. Feel confident that your kids can have an iced treat with no need to worry about allergies or ingredients again! For loads of great recipies check out this site: Zipzicle

Product Specifications

Quantity: Pack of 36
Size: Each zipzicle holds about 100ml
Dimensions: 23 cm x 5 cm
Content: BPA free plastic.
Use: To fill, use a funnel for thicker mixtures, or simply pinch the top open and pour in for thin mixtures such as juice. To freeze, set them upright in the freezer in a mug. To re-use, if you choose to re-usae your Zipzicles, simply wash, rinse and air dry using a baby bottle rack or place a few drinking straws in a glass and slide a single pouch over each straw.
Manufactured: China
Environmental qualities: Re-usable. Helps you make-your-own and avoid chemical additives in your food.
Certifications: None known View & download certifications

Additional Information

Brand Zipzicles

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