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Our in-house energy efficiency expert Lucinda Flynn has always loved the educational side of sustainability. She can tailor a training course or presentation for your community group or organisation on a range of energy efficiency and sustainability topics, from a 1 hr presentation to a three day training course.

Lucinda is a personable and experienced presenter who loves working with peope from all walks of life.

She is an accredited and highly experienced Scorecard Assessor, with a Cert IV in Home Sustainability Assessing, and a Cert IV in Training & Assessing.



Short presentation topics

Lucinda will work with you to tailor a presentation to suite your needs – but here are a range of previous topics as examples:

Practical home energy efficiency

An overview of home energy efficiency: the things that impact cost and comfort, all of the elements to look at, and when potential issues are identified, how to upgrade different aspects of your home (and how to prioritise upgrades).

Draught proofing basics

An overview of the impact of draughts in the typical Victorian home, common draughts and how to seal them, rebates, products and suppliers.

Going all electric

An overview of the movement towards going all-electric – why, how and what rebates, products and suppliers can help you.

Waste and recycling

A hands-on workshop about waste – what is it, how we can avoid it, and what it can be turned into.

No such thing as waste

(Originally presented to high school students – equally suitable for adults)

Exploring the concept of waste, why it happens and how we can prevent it. Originally presented to high school students as part of a ‘Solutions’ class. It was followed by a brainstorm of what the students and the school could do.

Responding to the Climate Emergency with simple changes at home

Looks at what an ordinary person can do through simple choices and changes that are achievable for nearly everyone.

Green purchasing – catering ware and office supplies

Looks into what green and ethical purchasing means, and why it matters. We look at the linear VS circular economy, how to choose the best green/ethical option for your organisation and the types of questions you need to ask yourself before starting.

Longer training sessions

Our one to three day training sessions are in home energy efficiency. Depending on the length of the training, participants will learn (to varying degrees):

  • The context of home energy efficiency in Vic
  • What does ‘energy efficiency’ mean?
  • Which key aspects of a home impact on energy efficiency and comfort?
  • The movement towards all-electric – why and how?
  • To identify a range of upgrade opportunities and the priority order in which they should be undertaken for the best advantage to the householder, with consideration for different budgets. This includes:
    • Building shell upgrades and efficiencies – zoning, draughts, ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation, windows (frames, glazing, coverings, shading)
    • Appliance upgrades and efficiencies – heating, cooling, hot water, pools, other appliances. How to identify appliances in terms of what fuel they use, their age and comparative efficiency.
    • Energy generation – the basics of Solar PV – feed-in tariffs, load shifting and maintenance
  • Resources and help available:
    • How to track energy use – online portals, home energy monitor
    • New nationwide tool – Scorecard. Brief overview
    • Rebates and financial incentives
    • Sources of information

We found Lucinda to be genuinely interested in helping us to make our house more comfortable and a little cheaper to run.

Shane & Nicole

Lucinda engaged well, was very thorough, answered a lot of questions, and explained things extremely well.

Kerry & Cushla
Cranbourne West

We found the process really worthwhile. Lucinda was very thorough and gave us lots of ideas and advice to help us keep our house warm!


I found Lucinda to be very practical, professional and really engaging.


After meeting with you we felt so much calmer and less overwhelmed about the work we needed to do.

Hannah & James

Thank you for the informative and extensive home energy audit. It was great to hear complex issues explained in a “user friendly” way.

Tony & Donna
Aberfeldie VIC

A big thank you to Sean for his courteous email regarding my recent order. I have no problem with the switch that has been made and I appreciate him taking the initiative and sending the order to ensure it arrives on time (for New Year’s Eve).


Thank you for your prompt response. We look forward to dealing with you in future. It is so refreshing to find an environmentally friendly supplier who is organised and is contactable.


Order placed Day 1 Shipped. Day 2 Delivered. Day 4. A seam less trouble free encounter. When I researched further I discovered the ethics and motivation of the owners. Really a WIN/WIN

Martyn Robinson

Loads of benefits to Going Green Solutions – I enjoy the newsletter and have found many useful products. It makes sense to use local companies too. I got a personal email when one of the products I ordered was out of stock – this was sorted with an easy choice on my part and the order delivered quickly. Yay – Thank you team for helping us to live lightly on this earth. xo