The Compost Network: A New Initiative from Biopak

One of the biggest components of green living and reducing our carbon footprint has been the struggle of managing waste disposal, particularly recycling. With Australian households producing approximately 540kg of household waste each year (which is 67 million tonnes for our entire country) and only 37% of this being recycled [1], we’re finding ourselves inundated with waste that can take decades to break down.

Organic waste is a huge component of this, with between 30 to 46% of all municipal waste and 10 to 15% of industrial waste made up of organic components that contribute to potent greenhouse gas emissions [2]. The food service industry in particular contributes nearly 900,000 tonnes of organic waste each year, including what is estimated to be 17 billion single-use disposables that could be diverted from landfills with the proper organic recycling programs.

That’s where Biopak – one of Australia’s largest sustainable food packaging manufacturers – comes in. Having already pioneered Australia’s first compost collection service in 2018, they have recently received a grant to further expand their composting service to encourage all participants in the packaging and food service industries to grow our organic recycling capabilities.

This is fantastic news not only for the industry, but for all consumers. Already providing the option to businesses of packaging that is 100% biodegradable and compostable is an amazing step; encouraging other industry suppliers to correctly recycle and reuse their products to reduce landfill waste is even better. As a proud Biopak supplier, we’re excited to see the positive impact of The Compost Network on Australia’s recycling rates and overall carbon footprint.

Find out more about this fantastic scheme on the Biopak blog here. Congratulations to the team at Biopak on obtaining this grant and we can’t wait to see how the initiative evolves!