Wooden Stirrer 18cm

Wooden stirrer 18cm length box 10,000


Wooden coffee stirrer 18cm

Made from 100% Sustainably managed plantation birch from sustainably managed forests, our coffee stirrers are a much more eco-friendly option that a plastic spoon.


Product Specifications

Options: 18cm long
Quantity: Box 10,000 (pk 1,000 available for 14cm stirrers only)
Content: Wood pulp from responsibly managed plantations
Manufactured: China
Environmental qualities: Wooden cutlery is compostable in a industrial composting facility. Made from 100% wood, they will Biodegrade completely without any damage to the environment. Made from renewable, managed resources not oil. 100% Sustainably managed wood.
ISO 9001 certification (Quality Management )

Additional information

Weight 10.45 kg



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