Wooden Cutlery Set Coated 19cm

The plant-based canuba wax is more resistant to water than our uncoated range. The texture is also slightly smoother.


Wooden Cutlery Set Coated 19cm Box 400

Coated in a plant-based canuba wax, our wooden cutlery sets are perfect for wetter foods!

It's hard not to love our incredibly popular wax coated wooden cutlery; it is just so beautifully natural. Made from sustainably managed  Birchwood, it is both well crafted and an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic cutlery. 

Stylish, affordable and eco-friendly, wooden cutlery is perfect for all types of green events including weddings, office parties, BBQ's, and of course for any cafe or catering business that wants to offer their clients the best Eco-option.

Product Specifications

Quantity: Box 400
Size: 19cm long
Usage: Heat resistant, moisture resistant
Content: Made from sustainably managed plantation wood pulp, plant-based canuba wax
Manufactured: China
Environmental qualities: Home Compostable, Commercially Compostable, Made from 100% wood, they will Biodegrade completely without any damage to the environment. Made from renewable, managed resources not oil.
 ISO 9001 certification (Quality Management )