Toilet rolls Green Earth recycled (box of 48)

Recycled fibre toilet paper (box of 48) (NOTE: Only available B2B – cannot be posted to a residential address)


Toilet Rolls - Green Earth (Single roll)

Green Earth Toilet Paper

These great standard sustainable toilet paper rolls are perfect for any bathroom as they fit onto a normal toilet roll holder. They are 2 ply and 440 sheets long, which is double the length of the average toilet roll. So, are you looking for a great way to be green? This toilet paper is a great way to be more environmentally sustainable.

Post consumer recycled paper?

We chose to purchase paper that is 100% post consumer recycled – meaning this paper is made completely from paper products used by people in homes and business.  Therefore contributes to the protection of the environment by generating very little waste which generally is re-used as agricultural fertilizer.

Other recycled papers (that don’t state they are made from post consumer recycled materials) are generally made from virgin pulp that has never actually been used. It is called ‘pre-consumer recycled’ this term is often used to describe off cuts of wood from logging etc. These off cuts would usually be discarded as rubbish but they ‘recycle’ them to be ‘recycled paper’.

This is why it is better to purchase post consumer recycled paper products.

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