PET Lid for 60ml BioCane Sauce Cup

PET lid for 60ml sugarcane sauce cup. Box 1000


PET Lid for 60ml BioCane Sauce Cup box of 1000

A see-through plastic lid for the 60ml sugarcane sauce cup, this PET lid is recyclable, freezer and refrigerator friendly, leak-proof and able to handle warm food.  They are not suitable for the microwave oven.  This lid fits our 60ml sugarcane sauce cups, it does not fit our clear 60ml PLA bioplastic sauce cup.

Product Specifications

Quantity: Box 1000
Size: Fits 60ml sugarcane sauce cup
Dimensions: Diameter: 70mm, Depth: 6mm
Usage: Suitable for warm and cold foods
Content: PET
Manufactured: China
Environmental qualities: 100% recyclable in plastics recycling stream.

Additional information

Weight 2.53 kg