PET Dome Lid for 430ml-950ml Paper BioBowl

Recyclable plastic lid for 12-32oz soup cup (dome). Box 1000


Recyclable PET dome Lid for 430ml-950ml Paper BioBowl box of 1000

These recyclable tight-fitting lids are for 340ml / 450ml / 710ml / 910ml (12oz - 32oz) eco friendly soup cups. They are made from conventional plastic, which suits the needs of some venues and provides a lower price point to our bioplastic compostable lids. If these recyclable plastic lids suit your needs, they are an excellent complement to your Biocup eco-soup cups. 

Product Specifications

Quantity: Box 1000
Size: Fits 12-32oz eco-soup cup
Dimensions: Diameter: 118mm, Depth: 45mm
Content: Made from conventional plastic
Manufactured: Taiwan
Environmental qualities: 100% recyclable in plastics recycling stream.

Additional information

Weight 7.48 kg