Lunch napkin white 2 ply 1/8 fold

Lunch napkin white 2 ply 1/8 fold box 2000


Lunch Napkin 2 ply 1/8 fold

Made with Sustainably managed wood pulp and certified carbon neutral, our double ply, 1/8 fold Lunch napkins are available in white or natural brown, and you can rest assured that they are an excellent environmentally sustainable choice for your catering needs. Completely compostable and made from renewable materials, our Napkins are the perfect Green choice when you are catering. Napkins are easily home compostable.

Product Specifications

Quantity: Box 2000 (20 sleeves of 100 each)
Size: Width 300mm, Length 300mm
Colour: White, Natural (brown)
Product codes: White L-LN1/8-2PW, Natural Brown L-LN1/8-2PN
Content: Wood pulp from responsibly managed forests sourced from China
Manufactured: China
Environmental qualities: Compostable in a home compost or industrial composting facility. Made from managed plant-based resources, from 50% Sustainably managed wood pulp mixed with 50% recycled fibre.

Additional information

Weight 6.82 kg
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