4 Cup Fibre BioCup Tray

Carrier (4 cup) for BioCup coffee cups


4-cup carrier for coffee cups

Carry your Biocups with the eco-friendly carrier made from post consumer recycled paper and cardboard pulp.

Product Specifications

Quantity: Box 300
Size: Suits all hot and cold Biocups from 8oz to 22oz
Dimensions: (L)221mm (W)221mm (D)50mm
Content: Made from post consumer recycled paper and cardboard pulp
Manufactured: Taiwan
Environmental qualities: Certified compostable in a industrial composting facility. Made from reclaimed agricultural waste, mainly sugarcane fibre. Can be recycled in the general paper recycling stream if not contaminated with food residue. Made from managed plant-based resources.

Additional information

Weight 14.025 kg