Biocane Octa Base 500ml Natural

Box of 400.

Our octa bases are easily stackable, making them easy to store, and the octa shape makes the PET lids a lot more secure than most takeaway containers.


Biocane Octa Base 500ml Natural box of 400

Our Octa bases are made with sugarcane pulp, a waste resource reclaimed and a by-product of the sugar refining industry. They are great for hot or cold foods, are microwave and freezer safe, and are completely compostable, both at home, or in a commercial facility.

The octagonal shape offers a unique premium look and feel.

Matching lids are available in PET, PP or PLA.

Our BioCane range is the only sugarcane packaging certified home compostable in Australia and New Zealand.

We are able to organise cusotm moulded pulp for minimum quantity of 50,000 units per size. Call or email to enquire.

Product Specifications

Quantity: Box of 400, sleeves of 50
Suitability: Grease and water resistant. Microwave safe, and oven safe up to 220 degrees for 20 minutes. Refrigerator and freezer safe, but the PET lids are not!
Care: Our BioCane range will have an indefinite shelf-life if kept cool and dry
Brimful Capacity: 610ml
Diameter top: 171mm x 171mm
Thickness: 0.6mm
171 x 171 x 35mm
Carton weight: 8.8kg
Environmental Qualities: Home compostable, commercially compostable, made from a waste resource, profits donated

Additional information

Weight 8.8 kg