BioBoard Catering Tray PLA Window Lid Medium

Made from wood pulp from responsibly managed forests, these catering tray lids are designed to match Biopak’s range of BioBoard Catering Trays. The plant-based plastic window allows your customers to see all the yummy treats they’ve ordered too!


BioBoard Windowed Catering Tray Lids - Various Sizes

These cardboard/PLA windowed lids are designed to fit the Biopak range of BioBoard Catering Tray bases.  BioBoard trays are made from sustainably managed plantation wood pulp. The BioBoard windowed catering tray lids are commercially compostable in an industrial facility or recyclable in your kerbside bin.

Product Specifications

Size: Medium
Dimensions: 364mm L x 255mm W x 30mm H
Quantity: Box of 100

Content: Made from sustainably managed plantation wood pulp
Manufactured: China
Environmental qualities: The BioBoard range is Certified compostable in both industrial composting facility and home compost to Australian Standards AS4736 and AS5810 and European standard EN13432. Can be recycled in the general paper recycling stream if not contaminated with food residue. Made from managed plant-based resources.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg


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