Pricing, postage, returns

Pricing & catalogue

Because we are a Biopak partner, we offer the exact same pricing and competitive freight as if you ordered direct through Biopak.

The box pricing on our website is our wholesale rate; we keep our pricing as low as we can right from the start. Non-businesses can order at this price.

Pricing for products is on our website (inc GST), or you can download a pricelist (pricing – no images). Please note that the pricing on our website is inc GST, whereas the pricing on the Biopak pricelist is ex GST. Our final price is identical. (*pricing on the website may change without notice, due to changes in purchase price utside our control)

Images of all of the Biopak products range are listed on our website, or you can or you can download a current Catalogue (images – no pricing).

Further discounts

Customers sometimes ask about further discounts for bulk orders; this is certainly possible if your order is over a certain amount, for example if you need 100 or 1000 x boxes of a particular item for an event.

Give us a call if this is something you would like to discuss – ask to speak to Sean – 03 9718 0126.

How to qualify for Freight Free

If you are located in metro Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, you qualify for FREE freight on orders of the Biopak range when you order 4 or more boxes* at a time.

* Biopak napkins and wooden cutlery are considered 1/2 a carton

Please note that ONLY Biopak products are eligible for FREE FREIGHT for 4+ boxes. The only items not included are the paper consumables – hand-towel and jumbo toilet rolls (these are tagged as B2B only)

What if you don’t qualify for free freight?

If you do not need 4 or more boxes, or if you are located outside of one of the metro areas listed above, don’t worry – freight for your order will still be subsidised to offset the cost and make it very competitive. The minimum (and most common) standard charge is $16.50 inc gst. So, for example if you order 1, 2 or 3 boxes of Biocups within a Metro area, your freight will be $16.50. If you order 4 it will be free freight.

Biopak range dispatch & delivery times

When you have placed your order with us before 9.30am on weekdays, it will be dispatched from the warehouse on the next business day. It will always be dispatched from the warehouse in your capital city when available, if not, from the next closest warehouse. (We have warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth).

If your order is made after 10am, it will be dispatched on the second business day.

Delivery times

Within Metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, delivery will usually take 1 day from dispatch.

For Hobart and Darwin or regional areas, our couriers are efficient and fast.

Please ask us if you need to know the estimated delivery time, and let us know at the time of ordering if your order is urgent.

We can also track your order at any time, so let us know if it has not arrived when expected and we will investigate and do everything in our power to resolve the delay.

POS material / custom branding

We can organise custom branding for much of the Biopak range – minimum amounts apply, speak with Sean.

We have lots of excellent POS (Point of Sale) materials to help you advertise that your organisation is choosing an Eco-Friendly Catering choice; ask us what we have available and we can also provide you with customised posters.

Commercial composting service

Don’t forget how important it is to ‘close the loop’ on your organic wastes by linking up with a commercial composter who will collect and compost your certified compostable catering ware AND your food scraps too!

Compost Connect ( offers commercial organic waste collection in over 2,200 postcodes across Australia and New Zealand. Simply fill in your details on the website form for instant access to an info pack and to be put in touch with your local composter for customised pricing.

Returns policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you think a product you purchase from us is faulty, broken or damaged, please advise us within 7 days of receiving it, and we will either replace the item or refund the full purchase amount.

If there is any other reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will do our very best to solve the problem. We want our customers to be happy with both our products and our service!

FAQ's - ordering, delivery, returns

What are the benefits of ordering Biopak products through us?

  • We are a small local business who helps keep our local economy healthy
  • We are B Corp Certified
  • Our rates are identical to Biopak
  • We have a fabulous rewards system saving you money (when you order via your web account)
  • Our freight fees and delivery times are identical to if you go direct to Biopak
  • We are Biopak partners and have a very close relationship with them

What credentials does Biopak have as a business?

  • Biopak are a B Corp Certified business (as are we!)
  • Biopak products are 100% carbon offset. This means that they purchase carbon credits to compensate for the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions created through the production, transportation and disposal of Biopak products – the Climate Active Certification body independently verifies and reports on our emissions.

If I order today, can I get my order tomorrow?

If we receive your order before 9.30am, your order will be dispatched from the closest warehouse on the following day. If you are in a Metro area, it can arrive same day or next day after being dispatched. If you are in a regional area, in depends on distance and volume of courier service to your area.

Will everything in my order arrive in one delivery?

Occasionally the closest warehouse might not have stock so some of your order may be dispatched from a different warehouse or you might be given the option to swap to a similar item to avoid delays. Sometimes your order will arrive in separate deliveries/on different days.

How can I get free freight?

If you are in a Metro area of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and order 4 or more boxes (wooden cutlery and napkins count as ½ box each), it is free freight. Orders in Darwin and Hobart are not eligible for free freight.

If I order 1 box, what is the freight fee?

If you are in a Metro of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, the base rate for orders of less than 4 boxes is $16.50.

What about freight for regional areas?

Freight costs are subsidised depending on size of order, location and volume of courier service to your area. We are happy to give you a freight quote – get in touch.

Can I have an order sent to my home address?


Can I collect from the warehouse?

Yes, you can arrange for your order to be picked up at the nearest warehouse near you. Please call us or email for more details.

My order was short shipped! What can I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email and we'll work with you find a solution. This could be re-shipping an item, or crediting you the missing box.

My order was delivered with incorrect products.

Our sales team do their best to be accurate when taking and placing the orders however there will be some glitches in the process and in these cases, we will definitely take full responsibility. Just call or email us straight away and we will do our best to sort things out immediately.