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Info: Modern cloth nappies

  • 1.    I am completely new to cloth nappies and there are so many to choose from - where do I start?!

    You are not alone! Looking at cloth nappies on the internet is enough to intimidate anyone! Buy if you know a few things, it will be a lot less daunting. To make it easier for you to understand your options when it comes to cloth nappies - otherwise known as Modern Cloth Nappies - we've written a blog article about them.


  • 2.    How many modern cloth nappies will we need for our baby?

    The rule of thumb is 24 sets - this is based on approximately 8 changes a day.  One set in the wash, the second set in the cupboard, and the third set in use.  This figure is based on you washing every couple of days.  It is pretty much always advisable to have as many absorbent inners for your cloth nappies as you possibly can - and you can often get away with less than 24 outers, if they are the type that are easily washed and dried or maybe sponge cleaned.  If you have ccentral heating and can easily dry nappies, you might get away with less, and alternatively if you can only dry on the line and don't get much sun, you would be better off with more.


  • 3.    Is it normal for cloth nappies to leak?

    NO! Cloth nappies should work as well as any disposable. If they don't, please, please ask the people you bought them from, or the manufacturer, or other cloth nappy users, to try to work out what the problem is. You should never put up with a badly functioning nappy - we as parents have better things to do that constantly be washing clothes or bedclothes that have been leaked onto! Read about three common reason for leakage and what to do about them on our blog article.


  • 4.    Can I use a clothes dryer for my cloth nappies?

    Generally, we don't recommend putting any waterproof outers into a clothes dryers, as they can be quite rough on the PLA material and can reduce their ability to be waterproof.  It seems very contradictory that we also recommend putting leaking PLA covers in a clothes dryer to bring back absorbency...the difference is, that is a once-off.  Regular spins in the clothes dryer would not be a good idea.

    Absorbent inners from modern cloth nappies are usually fine in a clothes dryer - although, environmentally speaking, the less you use a clothes dryer, the better (we know you know that!).


  • 5.    Can I bleach or soak modern cloth nappies if they get stained?

    We don't recommend using any type of bleach or ammonia on your nappies, because they can damage the material and decrease the waterproof nature of them.  One of the best ways to remove stains is to hang them in the sun with the stain facing outwards.  However, there are definitely pre-soaks you can use if you feel you need to, such as our Tri Nature pre-soak.