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Help: website & accounts

  • 1.    I can't log in to my account

    We've been having some issues with passwords lately; we are sorry! You can try slecting 'forgot password' and use the link emailed to you, or if that does not work call or email us and we will re-sent the password from our end and send you the new password. We are trying to sort out why this is happening and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Our phone number is 03 9718 0126



  • 2.    What is the advantage of setting up a web-account?

    There are MANY advantages of setting up an account on our webshop!

    • Your orders will all be saved within your account, so that you can easily see what you've ordered before and re-order using a past order. 
    • You can see payments, see updates on orders showing things such as when they have been processed and sent, and check delivery details.
    • Account holders earn shopping rewards points every time they shop
    • Account holders are eligible for referral rewards when they refer friends to us using our 'refer a friend' function
    • You can create a 'wish list' for future reference, items from which can then easily be moved across to your cart when you are ready to buy (click on 'add to wish list' tab at bottom of each product)
    • You can 'compare' several items (click on 'add to compare' tab at bottom of each product)


  • 3.    Do you have a rewards or loyalty system for customers?

    We have both shopping rewards and referral rewards. For both, you need to have created an account. Once you do, shopping rewards will automatically be generated for your orders.


  • 4.    Can I make a 'wish list'?

    Absolutely, as long as you set up an account on our webshop.

    Just click on the 'add to wishlist' tab at the bottom of each product and it will automatically be added. 

    Once you are ready to purchase, you can easily move items from your wish list across to your order.


  • 5.    Can I compare different product to each other?

    Yes you can, however only if you have set up an account on our webshop.

    Click on 'add to compare' tab at the bottom of each product. Then when you go to 'my account' and look at your dashboard, the items you want to compare at at the left. Click on 'COMPARE' and a popup will show you the items side by side with their key features.


  • 6.    Is everything available online also available in store?

    Yes, with the exception of bulk boxes of Catering supplies - we keep some in store but mostly send them direct from our warehouses.