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Help: Bulk catering & packaging orders

  • 1.    Can I get my logo printed on catering products?

    Yes, you can. There are minimum order quantities for getting custom printing; these apply per unit and per size. We offer a free artwork design service. Free storage and/or pay-as-you-use options may be available. 

    The best thing is to call Sean on 03 9718 0126 or email him with your specific needs. 


    Sugarcane moulded containers: 50,000. 

    Paper coffee / cold drink cups and bowls: 50,000 

    Chip cups: 30,000 

    Clear PLA cups and bowls: 50,000 

    Paper straws: 100,000

    Re-usable cups: 1,000

    Bioboard boxes: 30,000

    Napkins: varies, based on 30 cartons

    Wooden cutlery: 150,000 for hot stamping

    Lead times from approval of artwork:

    12 weeks: Moulded fibre food trays, Bioboard boxes, Re-usable coffee cups, Napkins

    8 weeks: paper cups, chip cups and bowls, straws, PLA cups and deli bowls


  • 2.    I am a business, do you offer lower rates than what is listed on your website?

    Yes, we can often offer further discounts at various price points.  Get in touch with either Sean or Holly and they can advise you of the best rate we can offer you, as well as explain how you can achieve freight-free status and take advantage of other benefits such as POS branding material.  Enquire here.


  • 3.    Where can I see Compostability certifications for your Biopak range?

    You can view and download copies of all Biopak certifications on our Certifications Page, as well as see detailed information on a range of other products


  • 4.    Do you sell wholesale to other retailers?

    No, we don't. We do sell wholesale catering & packaging supplies to a huge amount of food businesses, but that is for their use, not to re-sell the products themselves. We don't sell any of our regular retail products wholesale to other re-sellers.


  • 5.    Do you have all items in stock if I want to collect now?

    It depends. We usually have stock of all catering goods that we sell in sleeve (pack) amounts, so if you are having a party and just need 100 plates, cutlery, cups etc, we'll have things for you.

    We stock SOME popular items in box amounts in the shop (such as boxes of plates, bowls, cutlery), but it is always best to call and check first if you want to collect box amounts, and especially if it is a less popular item such as a lunchbox.

    If you need certain things and want to collect from our shop, try to let us know before 11am and we'll have them either than afternoon or the next day and we can let you know when they arrive.

    Remember that for 4+ boxes of the Biopak range to metro city areas of most capital cities is free freight (excluding wooden cutlery and napkins which count as 1/2 box each)


  • 6.    Do you offer 30 day accounts?

    We do offer 30 day accounts; this requires paying for your first order up front (before shipping), and we send you a credit application form. Once this has been returned we'll let you know if the 30 day account has been approved.


  • 7.    If I order now, how long will my order take to arrive?

    When you order whole box amounts of catering supplies, they get couriered direct from one of our warehouses to you.

    If you order before 10am, and live in a Metro area of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth, your order will usually arrive that same day. If for some reason an item is not in stock in the warehouse closest to you, one or more of the items might take a little longer because of being sent interstate, but we would advise you of this.

    If you live outside of Metro areas, feel free to ask us for an ETA of when the order would arrive with you. It would be dispatched same or next day after you order, so it will just depend on the time the courier takes but is usually quick.

    If some of your order is sleeve amounts, these get sent from our shop in Hurstbridge Victoria by Australia Post.

    You can choose Express post for a faster delivery time (depending on whether you live in the Express Post zone). If you choose standard post we can give you an estimated ETA for your order.


  • 8.    Can I get samples of catering ware before I order?

    Yes, we can send you samples....let us know what samples you'd like to see.