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Frequently Asked Questions

» Help: website & accounts

  • I can't log in to my account

    We've been having some issues with passwords lately; we are sorry! You can try slecting 'forgot password' and use the link emailed to you, or if that does not work call or email us and we will re-sent the password from our end and send you the new password. We are trying to sort out why this is happening and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Our phone number is 03 9718 0126



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» Help: ordering, freight, delivery times

  • Can I collect my order from you?

    Yes, you certainly can.

    Our shop is located in Hurstbridge, in the N-E outskirts of Melbourne (near Eltham).

    You are also welcome to organise a friend or relative to collect for you.

    If you are ordering bulk amounts of catering supplies (full box amounts only), you can organise with us to collect from our shop in Hurstbidge, or from our warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth or Brisbane.

    Just remember - if your order is 4+ boxes of Biopak excluding wooden cutlery and napkins, and you are in a Metro area, you would get free freight anyway.


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» Help: Product issues & returns

» Info: Catering & packaging products

» Info: Cleaning & housekeeping products

  • Can I put your compostable rubbish bags in the green waste bin?

    Unfortunately they can't be put into the Green Waste bin and it's not the liner's fault! The people who contract to pick up the waste are not able to easily differentiate different bags, some of which might be plastic, so they only accept paper. If you have a home compost, the bags are Certified Home Compostable to Australian Standards - throw them and your food scraps in your compost!


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» Info: Kitchen & foodware products

  • Is it easy to make my own yoghurt with the Easiyo yoghurt maker?

    Absolutely! Here's how:

    • Grab your tub from inside the thermos, and half fill with tap water.
    • Open the sachet of yoghurt base, and pour it into the water.
    • Mix in the yoghurt base and top up the tub to the waterline
    • Boil the kettle, and pour boiling water into the thermos, up to the top of the red unit that the tub sits on.
    • Place the tub of yoghurt mixture on top of the red unit.
    • Twist on the thermos lid and leave for at least 12 hours or overnight, and you will have delicious yoghurt!

    What about making yoghurt the old fashioned way, without using the base sachets?

    This is definitely an option as well, it just takes a little more practice and might not turn out as well every time. It's really only a good option if you are able to stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on your warming milk until the process is complete. Here's how:

    • Measure milk to fill your Easiyo tub to just below the waterline, and put into a saucepan
    • Heat the milk until just below boiling, then cool until when you put your (clean) finger into it, it is just above body temperature.
    • Mix in a table-spoonful of active yoghurt base (from your previous batch of yoghurt, or a bought tub of active yoghurt)
    • Boil the kettle, and pour boiling water into the thermos, up to the top of the red unit that the tub sits on.
    • Place the tub of yoghurt mixture on top of the red unit.
    • Twist on the thermos lid and leave for at least 12 hours or overnight, and you will have delicious yoghurt!
    • NB: the pressure points (as they say in MasterChef) are, 1. be careful not to boil the milk over when you heat it. 2. Be careful not to let it cool too much, or you will need to heat it again. These are the things that always catch me out, which is why I use the sachets - they never fail and I never have to clean up scalded milk :)


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» Info: Recycling

  • Soft plastics recycling

    We are lucky to live in a council area (Nillumbik Vic) that has soft plastics recycling as part of our co-mingled recycling stream. We simply collect soft plastics in a soft plastic bag, tie it up and this can be thrown into our co-mingled bin along with cardboard, tins, aluminium, glass etc.

    Have you thought of getting your local council involved? Some community groups around Australia have successfully lobbied their council (or applied for a grant) that has enabled them to set up their own little version of the REDcycle Program.

    There are two ways you could go about this:

    1. Encourage your council to take the responsibility for collecting the plastics by providing a plastic packaging drop off point in a library or another public space, then packaging it up and posting it to RedCycle. It would be a matter of someone at the council gathering up all the collected packaging, popping it in extra-large post bags and taking the bags to the post office. At the RedCycle end, all the collected plastic, post bags and all, goes straight in to the mix for reprocessing.
    2. Approach the council for financial assistance only and organise a collection point as a community group, then have someone from the community group gather up all the  plastic and post it to RedCycle.

    With either of the above options, RedCycle can help your council or community group promote the service to residents by providing information and artwork for posters and brochures. 

    If recycling through your council is not an option, your next best bet is to find one of the more than 500 RedCycle soft plastics recycling points near you in Australia. 

    If you don't live near a drop-off point, you can always post your soft plastics to them direct:

    RED Group

      Attn: Plastic Packaging Recycling

      10 - 12 Thomas Road

      Laverton North, 3026


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» Info: Energy Efficiency

  • Do you still install chimney balloons?

    No, we don't. However we believe they can still be installed free under the Victorian Government VEET scheme, if you can find a company that does installations of eligible products such as LED lights and remote standby power saver switches.


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» Info: Green office supplies

  • Does your Ecocern brown paper go through a printer?

    In general - yes, absolutely.

    We print on it all the time and have printed entire reams in one go with no issues, and we've had printers put reams of it through professional printing machines with no issues as well.

    Occasionally we hear of someone who has had an issue with their printer; it could be that some home printers don't like the extra thickness of the paper (it is 103gsm rather than the standard 80gsm) but for most people it works perfectly.


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» Info: General product queries

  • Why do some of your products come wrapped in plastic?

    For example - wooden cutlery.

    We agree, it would be best if they were not wrapped in plastic. There are many links in the chain that bring more environmentally friendly options to consumers, and whilst we are always working towards best practice with our suppliers, it's not always in our control.

    The wooden cutlery is currently wrapped in plastic (it has to be wrapped because it had to meet food hygiene standards to be allowed to be sold). Our other two types of cutlery - PLA and PSM, are both wrapped in 100% compostable cornstarch packaging, which you might find a better option. We really hope that the wooden cutlery will soon follow suit.

    We have huge appreciation for customers like you who really care about the entire package, because this is what helps us put pressure on suppliers switch to packaging that suits the product inside the package! Not all suppliers are equally as on board, so we at Going Green Solutions have to decide whether we still stock the product (which we believe is better even if the packaging isn't), or not stock the product at all (which leaves people with one less option).

    We respect your decision if you prefer not to use the product until the packaging comes in line with it. We'll keep working with supplier to push for cornstarch packaging but until this happens we'll still stock the product because we think its still a better option that most others.


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