Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessments

A personalised roadmap for your energy efficiency journey

Worried about the price of energy?

Want to go all-electric?

Trying to understand how to make your home as comfy and efficient as possible, but don’t know where to start or what the best/most cost effective approach will be?

You are not alone! We’ve visited hundreds of households to advise them on practical ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of their homes. Our approach is that there is no right or wrong way to improve a home, rather it’s about finding the options that work best for each unique home and family, their capabilities and budget. We would love to help you too!

Book one of our friendly Accredited assessors today for an in home visit, and we can give you easy to understand, user friendly advice on all of the opportunities available to you, as well as explain what rebates and incentives you may be eligible for.

Pricing (after applying the new rebate*, if you have not claimed it before):

$295  2 bedroom home

$350  3 bedroom home

$395  4+ bedroom home

*REBATE: Available to Victorian households when they have a Scorecard done with an accredited assessor*. We apply this as an up-front discount off your bill. (*some conditions apply, but nearly everyone will qualify)

For more information about Scorecard, what happens in an assessment, and testimonials showing how our staff have helped other people, scroll down.

How a Scorecard Assessment works…

What does a Scorecard cover?

What is a Residential Efficiency Scorecard?

It’s lots of things!

Expert advice, in easy to understand language

About everything to do with making your home more comfortable in winter and summer, more energy efficient, getting off gas, what order to tackle upgrades, and which upgrades will give you the best reward for your investment.

An estimated annual running cost indicator for your home

A Scorecard star rating gives you an indication of the average annual cost to run the main fixed appliances in your home.

The Victorian average is 3 stars, which equates to roughly $1,800 a year. The higher your star rating (out of 10), the lower your running costs, until at 9 stars you are generating roughly the same $ value of energy as you need for the main fixed appliances, and at 10 stars, you are generating more.

As part of our tailored report, we model how your home can get as close as possible towards 10 stars with a range of upgrades.


FAQ’s – Scorecard assessments

What is a 'Scorecard'?

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is a home energy rating tool predominantly used for existing homes of any age throughout Australia.

Like appliance star ratings, the Scorecard star rating reflects the estimated annual cost to run your home, based on your current building shell and main fixed appliances. It also has a 'comfort' section that shows how comfortable the home is likely to be without any heating or cooling in hot or cold weather.

To create a Scorecard Certificate, our Accredited Assessor has to look at and collect data about a range of features of your home, including the building shell (draughts, ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation, window frames, glazing, coverings and external shading) and the major fixed appliances (heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, renewable energy).

Our assessors use Scorecard as a great baseline tool for our service, because it gives a homeowner an idea of how energy efficient their home is compared to similar houses. We also find it useful because we can model our recommended upgrades in the tool and show people a practical plan of the steps they could take to get to 10 stars - or as high as possible.

How long does a Scorecard assessment site visit take?

Our Scorecard assessments take anywhere between 1.5-3.5 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the home, and how many questions the householder might have.

A 2BR home or unit is likely to take 1.5 hrs, 3BR around 2.5-3, and 4BR+ up to 3.5 hrs.

We take as much time as we need to make sure we understand your motivations and goals with having the Assessment done, and after we've looked over your whole home and collected the data we need, to talk through all of our recommendations and answer any questions you might have.

Above all, we want our service to be of value to you and we want to leave knowing that we've talked you through your opportunities in way that makes sense and meets your goals, budget and family.

What happens at a Scorecard assessment site visit?

There are 4 main parts to the site visit.

  1. We start with a conversation about your home and the people who live there, your goals and motivations in getting it done, and any challenges you might have in implementing upgrades. This can take 15-30mins.
  2. Then we ask you to take us on a very quick tour of the home so we can see the layout, and also show us where your outside appliances units are (hot water system etc).
  3. After that, we have anything from 45mins-1.5 hrs of data collection to do (depending on the size and complexity of the home). We can do this bit on our own so you can whatever you wish while we work.
  4. Once we have a draft Scorecard certificate and have noted all of our recommendations, we sit down with you again to run through all of our suggestions. We'll explain why we are recommending something, how it impacts on either your comfort or energy use, and point you to resources to help you upgrade it (this could be DIY videos, professional trades, rebates you may be eligible for).

Then within a week of the site visit, we will send you the finalised Scorecard Certificate, a Tailored report for your home, and a Guide to energy efficiency upgrades for further links and resources.

What is included in the Assessment?

The things that are included in the Assessment are:

  • Onsite assessment, where your assessor talks with you about your goals and your home, collects the data to create the Scorecard certificate and explains their recommendations and how to achieve them.
  • The types of things we look at are the building shell (draughts, ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation, window frames, glazing, coverings and external shading) and the major fixed appliances (heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, renewable energy).
  • Follow up tailored report, where all recommendations are listed in order of priority, and suggested upgrades are modelled on the Scorecard tool to show how they impact on your energy star rating and comfort.
  • Links to suppliers, installers, articles and DIY guides for various upgrades
  • Information on rebates and financial incentives


Based on your report I have increased my star rating and I had the gas disconnected last week which was an exciting moment! I can say with 100% confidence that getting the assessment done and your report gave me a great roadmap to get to this point.


We found Lucinda to be genuinely interested in helping us to make our house more comfortable and a little cheaper to run.

Shane & Nicole

Lucinda engaged well, was very thorough, answered a lot of questions, and explained things extremely well.

Kerry & Cushla
Cranbourne West

We found the process really worthwhile. Lucinda was very thorough and gave us lots of ideas and advice to help us keep our house warm!


I found Lucinda to be very practical, professional and really engaging.


After meeting with you we felt so much calmer and less overwhelmed about the work we needed to do.

Hannah & James

Thank you for the informative and extensive home energy audit. It was great to hear complex issues explained in a “user friendly” way.

Tony & Donna
Aberfeldie VIC