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Energy Assessing

Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard (VRES) 


Does your house get too hot in summer and too cold in winter? VRES Scorecard certificate

 Are your bills too high? 

 Are you buying a home, selling a home or renovating?

 The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment (VRES) can help you.    

What is the VRES?

The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard is an Australian-first home energy rating program, developed by the Victorian Government. It will give your home a star rating that you can use to compare it to others.

Many Victorian homes have high energy bills simply due to the way the home is built. The Scorecard helps you understand and improve this performance, so you can make better decisions to make your home more comfortable in both summer and winter, and reduce your energy use.

Our assessor rates the energy efficiency of your home's construction (including insulation, draughts, windows, shading, zoning), fixed appliances (heating, cooling & hot water), and other key features such as solar PV energy production. 

Our assessor holds a Cert IV in Home Sustainability Assessing and is independently accredited to use the government-supported Scorecard webtool.  

Our assessor is completely independent. Their suggestions are based purely on your home and what they think the most effective and efficient options are for you.

    What the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard covers


How long does a VRES take?

Assessments take anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours on site.

Initially, our home energy assessor will ask you some questions about what your priorities are for the assessment, and about your home and energy use. They will then proceed to collect evidence and data to complete the assessment - this process can take up to 2 hours but you are free to carry on with other things in the home while they work. Our assessor will need access to the entire home and will need to take photographic evidence of fixed appliances and home construction.

To finish, our assessor will go through the Scorecard Rating findings with you and their initial recommendations, answering any questions you might have along the way. 

What do you get?

Within a week of the onsite assessment, you will receive the 2 page Scorecard Certificate, along with an individualised 6-10 page report outlining in detail the actions you can take to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Recommendations include a host of ideas, from simple, low cost opportunities and behavioural changes to suggestions for the most energy efficient appliances to heat & cool your home and generate hot water.

Cost for a VRES Assessment

Our fee is $350, based on standard 3 BR home and includes up to 30km travel each direction. 

If your home is smaller or larger than this, please give us a call to confirm fee. If you are a pensioner please also let us know so we can offer you a reduced fee.    



Get in touch to see how a Scorecard

could help you:

Lucinda Flynn

Cert IV in Home Sustainability Assessing

Accredited VRES Scorecard Assessor

Email Lucinda:
Phone: (03) 9718 0126

More information on how the VRES Scorecard can help you