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Eco-office and green cleaning products for all your home and workplace requirements. There are many awesome, practical green products available to help make your home and workplace more environmentally responsible, as well as reducing your environmental footprint.

In your green office, there are plenty of ways you can create a more sustainable environment and use less resources. When you choose paper products, choose the best paper option there is - 100% post consumer recycled fibre paper. We stock the entire range of beautiful brown Ecocern paper and envelopes, presentation folders and CD slips. Stationery that is made from recycled materials or is reusable, creates a much smaller environmental impact, and is a simple change to instill in your home and workplace. Choose better options for your office from our eco friendly stationery range of markers, pens, and other assorted office supplies.

Paper consumables such as toilet paper, hand towel, tissues and kitchen towel are common to every home and across almost all types of business and organisation, school and council. Again, this is such an easy opportunity to switch to a much more environmentally friendly option, by choosing either 100% post consumer recycled fibre products, or products made from agricultural wastes such as sugarcane fibre. We offer you eco friendly toilet paper, tissues, hand towels and napkins in small and bulk amounts, with cost effective pricing to match the quantity. Our Biodegradable rubbish bags come in all sizes from 20litre to 240 litre, and you can purshase them in rolls or bulk boxes.

Switching from synthetic cleaning products to plant based, eco friendly cleaning products is easy with our extensive range that covers all manner of cleaning jobs. If you can't find what you need on our website, ask us. Likewise, check out our green dishwashing & laundry products, plus our full range of eco-friendly cloths and brushes for a superb Green Clean.

Available in small or bulk quantities, our eco cleaning, dishwashing and laundry products are concentrated, biodegradable, and septic safe.  Cleaning with eco friendly cleaning products is better for the planet, for your health, and for the health of your employees!

Our range includes: