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Sustainable event for food & wine

Sustainable event for food & wine Sustainable Food & Wine fair - a truly sustainable event

Organised by the City of Whitehorse, this inaugural Sustainable Food & Wine Fair was an excellent showcase of not just sustainable food and wine options, but also of how to run a sustainable event.

Events can be hugely wasteful occasions - think of free plastic give-aways, plastic takeaway cups, and signage that is used just once. Thankfully, there are an increasing amount of event organisers out there who want a successful event without the environmental impact.

Sarah from the City of Whitehorse achieved just that. She had given the utmost attention to waste management, with a wash against waste (for tasting cups etc) and waste collection conducted throughout the day. The public were asked to bring their own re-usable drinking and coffee cups rather than use a takeaway cup. Living furnishings - potted plants and veggies - created a natural and sustainable backdrop for all the stalls. All the stall holders presented beautifully with the minimum of packaging and waste.

If you are running an event and want some tips, the Sustainable Living Foundation have a brilliant Sustainable Events Planner, which can help you run a sustainable event whether large or small. And there are plenty of product alternatives available to help you reduce the environmental footprint of your event, such as biodegradable eco-disposable catering ware and 100% post-consumer recycled napkins and hand-towels.

Well done Sarah from City of Whitehorse and all the other staff and volunteers, for running an event that didn't just promote sustainable options, but really walked the talk as well!

By Lucinda Flynn of Going Green Solutions

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