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Reusable food wraps have a new playmate – Agreena 3 in 1

It’s word play, it’s fun, it’s a creative invention by a woman from the Yarra Valley– it’s the new reusable food wrap (and then some) – Agreena 3 in 1.

Agreena silicone food wrap

Mel Joy set out to create ‘a greener’ world, by inventing a wrap that would really act like plastic cling wrap – but wasn’t plastic. She hated plastic for many reasons and she decided ‘there had to be a better way and, through sheer desperation and a great naivety of what it actually takes to develop a product and get it to the finish line, I found it, oh yes I did.’

Well, most of us in the sustainability industry know – a little naivety is essential. Otherwise, we just wouldn’t get started or stay the course. Most importantly, she has done it – it’s on our shelves and just hopping up and down with excitement at the prospect of helping you to replace that box of plastic wrap in your drawer.

In fact, you can potentially replace a number of boxes. Agreena wraps are 3 in 1 because they are made of very thin pliable silicon, and can be used not only to wrap and seal but also to substitute baking parchment and aluminium foil. Now, there are some excellent recycled parchments and foils available (we stock them) but Agreena is a great way to switch over to all-reusable options in that kitchen drawer. Your Agreena wraps will last for years with good care, AND any products damaged over time can be returned to us or directly to Agreena, who work with an independent recycling facility to ensure that they receive yet another incarnation.

(A couple of words to the wise: You may struggle initially to remove the backing from the reusable wrap. Persevere, scratch at an edge, watch the tutorials included in our catalogue listing – your wraps will soon become a pliable and familiar friend.)

Agreena silicone wrap

How safe is silicone?


Silicone is a stable compound made from natural silicon bonded with oxygen – it does not contain BPA or other plastic nasties (Beware of BPA-free plastics, some of the new kids on the block are even worse!) It contains no harmful chemicals that leach into food, and is not toxic to aquatic or soil organisms. Food grade silicon is safe for the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer – and while it does not readily decompose, it is recyclable. Read more on silicone in this excellent article by The Soft Landing HERE.

The silicone used in the Agreena wraps is 100% food grade with no fillers. Both the silicone and dyes have been tested by SGS Laboratories, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland who provide inspection, verification, testing and certification services.

agreena cling wrap replacement

Where are Agreena wraps made?


Like many eco friendly products, the conception and creation of these reusable food wraps became a global story. The wraps are designed right here in the Yarra Valley, and are being ethically made in Shenzhen, China. Mel says that she searched for alternatives, but there was no silicone manufacturer that could create the product in Australia, and manufacturers in the EU were price prohibitive. ‘I searched for a factory that complied with the "Business Principles for Human Rights of Workers in China," a code drafted by the China Working Group specifically to address the human rights and labour rights violations common in China and our manufacturer is endorsed and upholds these standards. ‘

Agreena silicone packaging

We welcome Agreena to our lineup


We have been stocking reusable alternatives to plastic food wraps for many years now, and we have some lovely options. The Charles Viancin flower-shaped lids are also made of silicon, and they are a gorgeous way to seal leftovers, or can be used as a lid for cooking. Another reusable food wrap option that we love is the BeeKeep wraps made of cotton infused with beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil – they are beautiful and carry a whiff of honey. Our 4MyEarth range also includes attractive fabric food covers with a foodsafe washable plastic coating. The Agreena 3 in 1 wraps are a great addition to this line-up, offering a whole new range of possibilities for wrapping, storing and cooking in a way that is healthy for you – and for our beautiful world.

Agreena silicone food wrap

Shout about it! Tell your friends!


Quite simply, you are the reason that products like Agreena exist on our shelves. We know that the people who buy from us are at the cutting edge of seeking out eco friendly, sustainable solutions. When you buy these new products, and you tell your family and friends - you help to make them a part of everyday reality. More people buy them – and they become more affordable. And in the case of these reusable food wraps, it wouldn’t take too many weeks of usage before they paid for themselves.

So don’t just buy a box of Agreena wraps – buy a box and take pictures of these reusable food wraps in action. Post them and tag us so we can share the word.

Tell the world; change the world. Let’s help make it a greener world.


15th August 2017 by Lucinda Flynn & Elisabeth Bromley

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