Eco friendly catering & packaging supplies, Eco-lifestyle products & Natural Home-wares

Want to live more sustainably? Use our guide...


The core to living more sustainably is: rethink your need for a product or resource, reduce your usage of it, reuse it if possible, and recycle it whenever you can. Here are some of the simple, cost-effective ‘green’ items you could use…


Natural, green cleaning, laundry & personal care

Item Benefits
Eco-dent toothbrushes Replaceable heads mean you re-use the handle time and time again
Bio-cloth Bamboo dish cloths Compostable after use, made from a fast growing natural and sustainable resource
Wooden dish-brushes with replaceable heads Made from FSC timber & veggie fibre bristles, you only replace the head when it is worn out
TriNature cleaning, laundry, & dishwashing products Plant based ingredients, safe for use in grey-water, no nitrates or phosphates, not tested on animals, Australian owned and made.



Energy & water saving

Item Benefits
LED lighting This is the future of energy efficient lighting. Low wattage, very long life-span, no dangerous contents (such as the mercury that is in CFL’s)
Future switch Allows you to turn all your appliances off stand-by power with the press of a remote controlled button.
Clear Comfort DIY, cost-effective secondary glazing for windows.



Green office supplies

Item Benefits
Ecocern & Enviromail paper & envelopes (brown) 100% post-consumer recycled paper; require no trees to be cut down
Natures Paper wheat husk copy paper (white) Made from a renewable waste resource
Lopees washable envelopes Re-usable envelopes for internal mail and school notices
Eco-office: recycled paper pens and pencils, recycled plastic rulers, paper tape Recycled materials, compostable parts, post-consumer recycled paper…



Modern cloth nappies & accessories, natural personal care

Item Benefits
Cloth nappies & accessories: Eenees, Baby Beehinds, Pop-In, Green Kids and more… Re-usable, less resources used, keep human waste out of landfill, much cheaper than disposables. Such and easy and cost effective way to live more sustainably.
Eco-Moon Cloth menstrual pads Re-usable, less resources used, cheaper than disposables
Eenees Compostable nappies Manufactured in Vic, composted commercially in Vic (closed loop)
Organyc pads and tampons No chemicals used in cotton, plastic free
TriNature shampoo, conditioner, deodorant & hand-soap Plant based ingredients, safe for use in grey-water, no nitrates or phosphates, not tested on animals, Australian owned and made.


Sustainable household supplies

Item Benefits
BioPlastic rubbish and shopping Bags Made from renewable, sustainable resources; compostable after use
‘Onya’ re-usable shopping and veggie weighing bags Extremely durable, light-weight, re-usable bags that clip on to your purse so you never forget them
Earth-wise toilet paper, tissues & other consumables Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper (think of the Zoo’s advertisement ‘wipe for wildlife’!)
Eco-Firelighters Sawdust & vegetable wax; petrochemical free
BioPaints & varnishes Plant and mineral ingredients, safe to use, VOC free
Battery charger Charges standard (alkaline) batteries up to 20 times, saving batteries from landfill



Sustainable food & kitchen wares

Item Benefits
Biodegradable catering ware Made from renewable, sustainable resources (often waste resources such as sugar-cane fibre); compostable
Easiyo Yoghurt maker Make your own yoghurt and avoid all the plastic waste.
Fowlers Vacola Preserving Kit Preserve all your seasonal fruits & veggies; easy to use
4MyEarth re-usable & washable Lunch wraps Ditch cling-wrap! For kids and adults.
‘Cheeki’ & ‘H2Onya’ stainless steel drink bottles Re-usable, tough & attractive
‘Cheeki’ insulated stainless steel coffee mugs Ditch take-away cups and keep your own coffee piping hot in these mugs
Bokashi composting system Ideal for indoor use, takes all food scraps including dairy and meat. Keeps your organic waste out of landfill.
Hughie sink Easy for all the family to collect and recycle waste water from the kitchen onto your garden
Solar Cooker Cook with no electricity! Perfect for camping or home use, uses only the power of the sun.
Soda Stream Make your own carbonated drinks without generating the plastic waste. All your favourite flavours available.
Bio-Cling wrap If you need cling-wrap, use Bio-Cling! Rolls of 200 mtrs that stretch to double their length; compostable



Item Benefits
Jinta Fair trade sports balls Say no to child labour!
Solar powered toys Great for kids aged 8 and up; help them assemble these great solar powered toys
Books for kids A range of beautiful & engaging books with a strong environmental message.
Solar powered camping gadgets & Solar Oven Know people who like camping? Give them a solar powered torch, camping lantern, mobile phone, computer charger or even a Solar Cooker!



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