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How to make your own Nut Milk!

Our new nut milk bags are a big hit so we thought we would share just how easy it is to make your own nut milk, and the benefits of doing so.

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The demand for milk substitutes seems to be growing these days and whether it may be due to having an intolerance, for health reasons or for those not wanting to consume animal products, there are definitely great benefits from drinking nut milk. Below I have listed some of the benefits of making your own almond milk and the 3 easy steps it takes to do so!

1. SOAK - The first step is to soak your almonds in water overnight. By doing this it removes anti nutrients like phytates, it increases the potency of nutrients such as vitamin B & promotes the growth of healthy enzymes for easy digestion.

2. BLEND - Rinse your almonds a few times after soaking and then pop into a blender with fresh water and blend on high until smooth.

3. STRAIN -  Using your new nut bag, strain the mixture into a large bowl through the bag. At this stage you can add dates, vanilla bean or anything you would like to add a bit of extra flavour and blend on high again. Store your almond milk in the fridge to keep fresh.

By making your own nut milk you avoid having additives, preservatives and added sugars in your milk that store bought nut milks all contain. Enjoy!

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