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Using your Ensopet Pet Waste Composter

Have you heard about the Ensopet Pet Waste Composter that makes it easy as easy to compost all manner of pet waste right in your own backyard? You can now convert all that perfectly good poo back into soil. The equipment is simple and so is the process. Here's how to get started:

1. Clip the sides of the composting unit together, creating a cylinder with no bottom.

Clips the sides of your Ensopet together

2. Decide where to place your Ensopet pet waste composter. It should be easy to access, and not too close to any plants that you will be eating, or that are sensitive to high levels of nutrients such as natives. (Pet waste is very high in phosphates!) Also, place it somewhere where it will receive some regular water either through the slots in the side of the unit, or where you can give it the occasional dousing with a hose or watering can.

3. Dig a hole big enough to bury the entire unit, up to the lid. The hole needs to be about 40cm deep and wide. Bury the unit leaving just the lid sitting above soil level.

Dig a hole 40cm deep and wide

4. Then, simply use the provided tongs to pick up pet waste, drop it into the composter and sprinkle Ensopet starter powder onto the waste (approximately 20 grams per 100 grams of pet waste). The Ensopet powder is filled with Micro-organisms that help break down the waste as well as reducing levels of pathogens.

Scatter Ensopet starter powder over your pet waste

For best results with your Ensopet Pet Waste composter: add small amounts daily rather than lots once a week. Don't let your Ensopet dry out (composting requires moisture) - just water your composter when you water your garden.

And guess what, if you get yourself some compost-a-pooch doggy bags, you can bring your dog's offerings straight back from a walk and chuck them in with the rest of that happy poo. (Read more about compostable bags and bin liners here.)

See? it's easy. Enjoy knowing you are no longer throwing all that potentially nutrient rich pet waste into landfill. Instead, you are using it to enrich your own backyard. 

Take a look at the Ensopet Pet Waste Composter on our website, or visit our shop at 929 Main Road, Hurstbridge.

By Lucinda Flynn of Going Green Solutions

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