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Energy saving with a chimney balloon

Chimney_Balloon_energy_saving Chimney_Balloon_energy_saving

Remember a while back when people were door-knocking and telling you they could replace your inefficient incandescent light globes with free Compact Fluoros? And more recently, more door-knockers installing Standby Power Saving Switches on computers and TVs? Well, another product available to you under the same Victorian Govt VEET scheme, is chimney balloons.

Basically, a chimney balloon is an inflatable balloon that is inserted up an open chimney flu and inflated so that it blocks air passage up or down the chimney. Really simple but really clever. It stops you losing the lovely warm air your heater has produced, up the chimney. And in summer, it stops warm air being pushed down the chimney and heating up your home - and it stops the flies coming in too!

How do I get a chimney balloon?

If you have open chimneys that you don't use or use very rarely, check the VEET register for a local installer, and then register to have themĀ  come and install one or more chimney balloons for you - it is completely free for the householder and can really reduce your draughts.

Alternatively, buy one outright yourself from a range of places - such as - they're only about $50 and easy to install yourself.


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