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Eco-friendly kids party ideas

Eco-birthday ideas

Parties are awesome fun - but the waste and junk you end up with isn't!

How about these for some beautiful and eco-friendly kids party ideas to delight your kids and their mates?

How about having a 'Potting Party' theme?

Have a selection of seeds available - beautiful flowers and interesting vegetables - and get the kids creating seedling pots out of old newspapers. Kids will absolutely love to be able to taken them home and show their families; they can decorate them with leftover scraps of fabric any icy-pole sticks if they like....perhaps a present for mum?

eco-pot-maker_5 eco-pot-maker_1 Potting party

Make your own safe, non-toxic finger paints 

The kids can play with them at the party, and give them some to take home instead of lollies!! Does this look like fun or what!?!  There are really easy step by step instructions for making your own finger paint at The Imagination Tree

Homemade paint fingerpaintcollage3a IMG_7169

Tipi fun

One the kids have made their seedling pots, potted their seedlings, devoured a home made icy-pole made in a Zipzicle icy-pole pouch, and covered themselves in home made finger paints - wash them off and give them some time in a homemade Tipi. Makes you want to be a kid again.

Eco-friendly party ideas

Taking care of Lolly bags

End of a fantastic and fun party? Well - who says lolly bags have to have lollies and plastic toys in them? How about home-made finger paints, homemade biscuits wrapped in foil, a packet of flower seeds to take home and plant? Plus of course they have their potted up seedlings...

Home made lolly bags


Have a great party everyone :-)

Written by Lucinda Flynn of Going Green Solutions


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