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Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Modernize eco-friendly hom decor  have kindly contributed this guest blog to hep you get inspired by ways to make your home one that reflects your personality and passions, using Eco-friendly home decor ideas.

Décor is an essential tool that helps you create a home that is unique to your personality and preferences. Colorful wall art, throw rugs, and furniture all play a role in your home’s overall atmosphere, so it’s important to be mindful when bringing new items into your home. With just a little imagination and legwork you can create a beautifully decorated household without sacrificing your carbon footprint in the process—and Modernize has put together the following list of ideas that may be the perfect fit for your home:

Establish an Eco-Focus Wall

Focus walls work much like table centerpieces in that they create a focal point for the eye as someone enters a room. Focus walls can be made up of any kind of décor, but what better opportunity to reinvent some of the stuff you already have at home? For example, you can install floating shelves and fill them with travel memorabilia and plants to help filter your home’s air. Alternatively, you can show off a collection of artwork framed in natural fiber to create a wall collage, or recycle things such as bottle cap tops and magazine pages to develop your own eco-friendly home decor wall art for display.

Eco-friendly home decor ideas

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Create Centerpieces from Old Jars

Instead of throwing empty pasta sauce, pickle, jelly, and peanut butter jars away, you can recycle them and turn them into attractive centerpieces for the tables throughout your home. After an initial wash, soak the jars in warm water overnight so their labels can be easily peeled off in the morning. After the labels are peeled off, scrub the jars with soap and water to get rid of any glue and label residue and let the jars dry.

Once the jars are dry, you can decorate their exteriors with lace, doilies, ribbons, wallpaper, and even stickers depending on the look you are going for. The decorated jars can be filled with colorful marbles, unique rocks, sand, or potpourri, and placed in groups of anywhere from two to twelve depending on how big of a table you’re working with.

Modernize decorated jars as eco-friendly home decor

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Make Old Furnishings New Again

If you are in need of adding furniture to your home, you can save yourself some money and decrease your carbon footprint by shopping at garage sales as well as thrift stores and buying used. Don’t worry about scratches, dings, and other mishaps because they can be fixed up with the help of a little paint for the most part. Reupholster the seating with old tablecloths, sheets, or blankets and you’ll have yourself new-looking furnishings that are unique to your personality and cost a fraction of what the new stuff costs in the store.

Modernize making old things new again

Add these techniques and methods to your own list of green décor options, and you’ll never run out of fun ideas when it comes time to make a visual change at home.

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