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Business benefits of recycling

Recycling Hub


Recycling and reducing waste at work is becoming increasingly appealing to keep disposal costs steady in the long term, and to give customers one more thing to smile about. If you run or work in a business or organisation, Planet Ark is there to help you! Finding local recycling providers and services to help with business recycling is as easy as entering your location and the material you want to recycle into their website or calling their hotline (1300 763 768). The site has grown to become Australia’s most comprehensive free database helping businesses recycle. There may be opportunities to recycle a lot more than you imagined!

According to recent figures, 46% of Australia’s commercial waste is sent to landfill, at a cost of $1.4bn. That is almost half of all our waste! Collectively, businesses are spending 1.75 times as much on landfill as they are on recycling. The 5.7 million tonnes of landfilled waste from businesses around the country represents a real lost opportunity. receives hundreds of thousands of visits each year from organisations looking to find out how they can reduce their waste to landfill and save on disposal costs. As well as acting as a searchable recycling database, the site even provides promotional material, bin signage, and guidance to help workplaces use resources even more efficiently.

And how about Going Green Solutions? Well, we are doing our part too - we offer free recycling to our local community members for printer cartridges, household batteries, mobile phones, and even second hand bras (they are sent overseas for Project Uplift). If you work in a business or organisation, why don't you consider ways you too can support your local community with recycling opportunities? Both the printer cartridge and mobile phone disposal bins are free of charge, your only job is to make a call when they need collecting.

So calling all businesses and organisations - let's turn recycling into the mainstream way of dealing with our waste. We really can do it!

By Lucinda Flynn of Going Green Solutions

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