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How to use the new Biopak composting service

Are you super excited about starting to send your organic waste along with your compostable catering supplies to be commercially composted with the new Biopak Composting Service, but wondering - HOW does it work?!

For a long time, there have been fantastic, commercially compostable catering wares available to buy, but there was a missing link between their availability, and the possibility of actually composting them. Our partners Biopak have worked hard to create a bridge to solve this problem and in 2018 have launched the Biopak Composting Service. We are so excited to think that this is just that start of a huge movement towards using ONLY compostable disposable catering supplies, and ALWAYS composting them back into dirt.

 Here's what you need to know:

- You need to be using Biopak 100% certified commercially compostable food service products

- You need to be located within Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Perth (Brisbane coming on board very soon). If you let us know your postcode, we can let you know if your area is services.

How does it work?

- You sign up for the service, which is fee for service agreement.

- You are given an organics bin to collect all organic waste and compostable food service products in

- Your bin is regularly collected and delivered to the commercial composting facility servicing your area, and you get a new clean bin back!

Call us today on 03 9718 0126 / email, and we'll help you get started

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