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Presentations for all ages

Co-founder of Going Green Solutions Lucinda Flynn, has always loved the educational side of sustainability. Lucinda has presented to young and old at all manner of events on a variety of topics.

Contact Lucinda for more information if you are interested in booking her for a presentation: 03 9718 0126 

Here are some of the topics she has presented on:

Sustainability - It's Just Good Business

Workshop leader for Dept Business & Innovation, Small Business Victoria

Home Energy Efficiency

For Nillumbik Shire Council staff as part of the Eco-Team sessions

Home Energy Efficiency

For the 'Watts Your Power 3099' project, run by Nillumbik Shire Council

Sustainable Purchasing for councils

For council Sustainability Officers as part of EcoBuy Green Procurement training sessions

Sustainable Purchasing for schools

For school principals and teachers as part of Aussie Schools Vic Green Procurement training sessions

Living more sustainably – why considering the environment is good for your health!

For the Nillumbik Community Health Services conference, 2011.

Money does make the world go around (how this relates to sustainability)

Part of guest panel for the Nillumbik Homebiz Network evening

Green Procurement for School

Aussie Schools Vic sustainable procurement training session

Healthy Body, Mind and Environment

Part of guest panel for the NTA Member Network evening

Reducing your household impact on the environement with simple everyday products

Eltham Library workshops for the public

Cloth nappy workshops

Approx. 30 workshops for Nillumbik Shire Council) from 2006-2013

Presentation on same topic to Nilllumbik Maternal & Child Health Nurses from Shire.