Eco friendly catering & packaging supplies, Eco-lifestyle products & Natural Home-wares

Our own green solutions

Sustainability REALLY matters to us. We walk our talk. Here are some of our own green solutions:

- We use 100% Green Power for both our home and our business

- We reuse all packaging material that gets sent to us (to send things to you)

- We recycle all our paper and hard plastic office waste, as well as our printer cartridges

- we use only 100% post-consumer recycled fibre paper for printing

- We offer free recycling facilities to our local community for: Printer cartridges (Planet Ark), household batteries (Ecorecycle), mobile phones (Mobile Muster), second hand bras & cloth nappies (Project Uplift), and sports equipment (Boots For All)

- We print double-sided and reuse single-side printed paper

- We use energy efficient light globes (either compact fluoro or LED)

- All commercial printing is done with vegetable based inks, using solar power and with a carbon offset company called Black Rainbow Printing (with the exception of printing done on our office ink-jet printer, which is the most Eco-friendly model available)

- We investigate the the TLC (total life cycle) of the products we sell as much as we are able to satisfy ourselves that they are superior to conventional options, and are one of the best sustainable options available

- We buy Australian made wherever possible - where a product is made elsewhere, it is because there is no comparable Australian made product 

- All our staff live locally so that we continue to support the vitality and sustainability of our local community.

- We make it easy for our local community to access sustainable products and we regularly utilise products and services from other local businesses.

We are proud members of the Alternative Technology Association - now called RENEW, Australia's peak not-for-profit organisation that inspires, enables and advocates for people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.

We are members of the Association for Sustainability in Business

We are also proud members of the Australia's national body for permaculture - Permaculture Australia. Permaculture is about a whole way of life that includes energy efficiency, nurturing communities, and becoming self-sustaining in food and resources. To us, that is the essence of our work in Sustainability.

Member of Permaculture Australia