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The Going Green Solutions Story

Going Green Solutions founders

Birth of a business

Every business has a story, a place it all began. The “founding parents” of Going Green Solutions are Sean & Lucinda Flynn, and the birth of the business was part and parcel of the births of Sean and Lucinda’s children.

Lucinda was brought up in a Green-minded family and has always been passionate about recycling and sustainability. Sean came from a conservative army family. He was always concerned about combating waste but it was his love of music and the values embedded in the kind of music he liked to play that moved him into a new way of thinking – and into life with Lucinda.

When Sean & Lucinda’s first daughter was born, Lucinda wanted to use cloth nappies and other eco-friendly options for babies, but they were hard to access. “Living in a small town like Hurstbridge, you have to reinvent the wheel to find what you need.” By the time their second daughter was born, they knew they wanted easier access to eco-friendly supplies, and that other families wanted this too. During her maternity leave, Lucinda launched “Rosy’s Garden” – named after their eldest daughter – to “look after the earth which is our children’s garden.” She started with about $2000 to get stock and make a brochure, which she printed herself. She stored everything in a cupboard in her study, and worked on a computer with a baby at her feet. All of the marketing was word of mouth – Lucinda was really active in her local and wider community, especially in 'Natural Parenting' circles. As co-founder of the not-for-profit organisation Natural Parenting Melbourne, Lucinda was Co-ordinator of the thriving Hurstbridge playgroup and hence knew many like-minded families.

Eco-friendly home supplies meets Eco-friendly catering ware

After Lucinda’s Maternity leave, she and Sean sat down to decide whether to keep the business going. Was there enough interest? 

Going Green Solutions at expo

At about the same time, they attended an event where drinks were served in see-through cups made of PLA plastic, which they were told was compostable and biodegradable. Sean and Lucinda found this hard to believe. They got a cup and rang the supplier, and as it happened Biopak was looking for someone to sell their products in Victoria. Sean and Lucinda decided “Let’s include all these things, make it a business.”

Sean left his job and attended the NEIS scheme for new businesses – and Going Green Solutions was born. They moved to a bigger room under the house and ran the business from there for three years, before moving into the business district of Hurstbridge – where they have had three different shop locations. They also have a flourishing online shop which sends eco-friendly goods all over Australia.

Passion for the planet – the bottom line

The desire to provide eco-friendly products for the home, as well as promoting the exciting possibilities of biodegradable catering ware, continues to create the unique story of Going Green Solutions. It’s not always an easy interface, but it’s all about making sustainable options easily available to EVERYONE, in their homes, businesses and organisations. Passion for the planet is the bottom line – which is why Going Green Solutions is not only a retail business, it is also a Community Hub for recycling and other programs, and provides community education. Lucinda has presented on a range of sustainability and energy efficiency topics at many schools, organisations and businesses, and is a fully trained Energy Assessor with a Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessing from Swinburne University. She is Accredited as a Victorian Residential Energy Scorecard Assessor, as well as offering private energy assessments and audits.

The business has won many awards over the years, including:

Winner ‘Industry Education Award’, Northern Business Achievers Awards 2016 (NBAA)
Winner ‘Practically Green’ Environmental Business Award 2013, Nillumbik Shire Council
Winner ‘Practically Green’ Environmental Business Award 2011, Nillumbik Shire Council
Finalist ‘EcoBuy supplier of the year 2011’
Winner ‘EcoBuy supplier of the year 2010’
Nillumbik Shire Council nominee for the Northern Business Achievers Awards (NBAA) 2010

“Winning awards is always amazing – you work so hard, so few people understand how much blood sweat and tears goes in, then you win an award and that’s acknowledgement.” The business continues to source cutting edge eco-friendly home supplies and gifts, as well as providing biodegradable catering ware and packaging options to hospitality businesses, including many of the traders at Queen Victoria Market. Sean and Lucinda continue to love working where they live, as part of the Hurstbridge community. They have attracted equally passionate staff to help them in their ongoing journey to “inspire sustainable solutions in every home and business” – and continue to care for the planet so that it can be a beautiful place, our children’s garden.

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