7 Reasons Your Business Needs Printer Cartridge Recycling

7 reasons every business, school & organisation should have a Printer Cartridge Recycle Bin

(and why not expand to other free community recycling options as well)?

  1. Because your business or organisation uses printer cartridges and your staff & customers probably do at home too
  2. Because it brings people to your venue to drop off cartridges
  3. Because it encourages everyone who sees it to engage in recycling
  4. Because is is FREE* for almost all businesses & organisations!! *(as long as you use 3 or more cartridges a month – easy done!)
  5. Because printer cartridges are made into awesome Enviroliner pens by Close The Loop after collection.  The recycled black plastic becomes the outer, the leftover ink is the ink inside the pen
  6. Because it shows the world that you care and think about the waste you generate
  7. Because collection is super easy – when your bin is full you simply close and either add it into your Australia Post collection (if you have one) or call Planet Ark for free courier collection

What are you waiting for? Contact Planet Ark to ask about getting a printer cartridge recycling bin for your school, business or organisation today. You won’t regret it!