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Wonderbag - eco-friendly slow cooker

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No battery, plug or fuel required, and even doubles as a cooler bag

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Wonderbag - eco-friendly slow cooker

The Wonderbag slow cooker is great invention to save time and energy when cooking meals. You just bring your food to the boil, simmer briefly, then pop the pot into the Wonderbag to keep cooking. The insulated bag prevents heat from escaping so no additional energy is needed. Cooking in a Wonderbag slow cooker can save between 30-80% of the energy you would normally use for cooking. There is absolutely no need for cords or power, and it cooks evenly and consistently every time. No burning meals ever again.

The Wonderbag eco-friendly slow cooker is attractive, efficient and unbelievably simple to use - making it the perfect gift for friends or simply a great addition to your own kitchen. It's perfect for picnics or barbecues or get-togethers in your home and will even double up as a cooler bag for drinks and chilled food.  

The wonderbag was originally invented to help communities in Africa and other countries to conserve money and time - and prevent the breathing of toxic fumes for cooking fuel. Now the rest of the world is finding out what a great money-and-energy-and-time-saving idea it is taking the world by storm. AND for every Wonderbag you purchase, the Wonderbag Foundation will subsidise one Wonderbag to a family in need in Africa! 

Be a force for change in your own home and homes around the planet.

Healthy & Easy
Simply bring your favourite dish to boil and let the Wonderbag safely continue the cooking for up to 12 hours, retaining moisture, nutrients, and bags of flavour. Slow cooking in the Wonderbag tenderises meat, keeps vegetables firm and allows flavours to enhance.

Saves You Time & Money
Make just one meal that can feed a busy household at different times throughout the day, or prepare a meal up to 12 hours before and it will be ready when you are. There’s no battery, plug or fuel required, saving your energy and the energy in your home.

Fuelling All Your Outdoor Adventures
The Wonderbag is very light and portable so you can fuel all your outdoor adventures. Take a delicious warm meal or desert in your Wonderbag to the kids’ footy game, the beach, boating, or a BBQ; or fill it with drinks and chilled food and it doubles up as a cooler bag. Grab your Wonderbag today and be a force for change

For every Wonderbag you purchase, the Wonderbag Foundation will subsidise one Wonderbag to a family in need in Africa! Learn more about the Wonderbag Foundation here.

Product Specifications

Size: 34cm x 31cm x 14cm.  Works with 2litre-10litre pots with short handles and lid.  Great for cooking for 6+ people and social events, both indoors or outdoors.
Care: The Wonderbag can be spot-washed and hung to dry. Newer washing machines with a gentle wash cycle can also be used with cold water and minimal detergent: hang dry or low temperature setting on dryer.
Content: The Wonderbag consists of an inner layer of insulation containing recycled polystyrene balls, with an outer, drawstring covering of polyester-cotton blend textiles.
Environmental qualities: Powerless is powerful when it comes to the Wonderbag. Where most conventional slow cookers utilise power to keep your food cooking, the Wonderbag’s revolutionary insulated technology keeps your food cooking for up to 12 hours after it is brought to a boil by simply retaining heat.
Certifications: None known

Wonderbag - How it works:

Wonderbag - Recipes

Blueberry & Peach Cobbler  Mediterranean Paella

Mushroom Barley Risotto  Poached Salmon Thai Curry

Rataouille Crostini  Rice and Beans

Additional Information

Brand Wonderbag Australia

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