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Washpool handmade soap: Scent-free with extra virgin olive oil

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Handmade scent-free soap: Comforting to overloaded senses and delicate skin

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Soap: Scent-free with extra virgin olive oil - manuka honey & goat's milk

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  • Soap: Scent-free with extra virgin olive oil - manuka honey & goat's milk


Washpool handmade soap: Scent-free soap with extra virgin olive oil

Is your skin extra-sensitive to soap? Washpool Farm takes into account that skin sensitivity may be due to allergies - which might include allergy to grains (ie gluten), ground nuts, tree nuts (including coconut) or dairy. This particular range of scent-free soap has been carefully formulated this range to exclude some of the major causes of allergy**

Skin sensitivity could also be due to past or current exposure to harsh environments or substances that dry, irritate or inflame the skin.  Or sometimes skin sensitivity is simply about our stage of life.  Babies and children have sensitive skin and as we age, our skin also changes and can become more sensitive.

Whateve may be the trigger, it is best to stick to simple natural ingredients - and in the case of this scent-free soap, it doesn't get much simpler or kinder to your skin. 

All of the soap bars in our Sensitive Skin range are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and two of them also include Shea Butter

** If you're dairy intolerent you might want to avoid the goat's milk bars in the Washpool range.

So take a break from perfumes and any ingredients that may cause irritation - and bask in the 100%natural goodness of this extra virgin olive oil scent-free soap. 

Product Specifications

Type: Manuka honey & goat's milk
Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, goat's milk, manuka honey.

Usage: Suitable for sensitive skin
Content: Pure, natural ingredients, 100% palm oil free
Manufactured: Australia
Environmental qualities: 100% natural, even the packaging is biodegradable!
Certifications: None known

Additional Information

Brand Washpool Farm

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