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Our Team: 

The wonderful Going Green Solutions staff



Sean Flynn

Passionate aboute sustainability and waste issues in particular, Sean is our resident humour doctor/warehouse manager, and co-founder of Going Green Solutions. He is our catering ware and wholesale specialist, as well as handling orders, stock-keeping and logistical matters. Sean keeps things ticking over so that our customers get what they want when they want it and can be counted on to hound couriers and sort out problems all day if need be.

Lucinda Flynn

Lucinda is passionate about sustainability in every aspect of her life. As well as co-founding Going Green Solutions and building the business with Sean to what it is today, she is a fully trained Energy Assessor as well as a Workshop Leader for the Victorian Government Dept of Small Business and Innovation, facilitating the 'Sustainability - It's Just Good Business' workshop. She presents on a range of sustainability, green purchasing and energy efficiency topics around Melbourne and teaches environmental education to children at her local Environment Centre, Edendale Farm.


Annette Farrelly

Annette is our resident tech & graphic design addict, proven by her excitement at each new technological challenge we present her with. Should you venture to the admin centre of our workplace, you may hear her conversing with the computer about whether it is or is not doing as she requires - and she always wins the argument! We love working with Annette.

Elisabeth Bromley

Elisabeth enjoys being one small part of making it easier for individuals and businesses to care for our planet. Her love of land and life are part of all she does, which makes her a great fit for us – as you will find if you stop by the shop on Saturday or Wednesday… or the occasional other day when the team needs a boost. 

Louis Charmstrong

Louis joined us several years ago. He can be counted on to greet all our customers with a tail wag and a willingness to be patted and adored. He gallantly resists (regular) offers from strangers to take him home with them - he knows we count on him to defend us and attend on us with cuddles while we work.

What our customers say about us

"It arrived already!  You guys are sensational.  Thank you so much for taking one element of stress out of my life, Sean and Holly.  Your customer service really helped me out on a tight time-line, and I really appreciate the extra effort you went to so you could meet my particular requirements.  Very pleased that our party is leaving less of a dent in the environment now.  Keep up the good work!" ~ Tracey

"They are perfect - thank you for a speedy delivery and superb products." ~ Julie

"Thank you so much for the prompt replies and replacement, you guys rock! " :) ~ Paula

"Thank you for your prompt response.  We look forward to dealing with you in future.  It is so refreshing to find an environmentally friendly supplier who is organised and is contactable." ~ Peta

"Thank you for the delivery of Eco friendly cups. They are great and clients have commented positively regarding the change." ~ Renee

Our own Green & Sustainable Solutions!

We walk our talk. Here are some of our own green solutions:

- We use 100% Green Power for both our home and our business

- We reuse all packaging material that gets sent to us (to send things to you)

- We recycle all our paper and hard plastic office waste, as well as our printer cartidges

- We print double sided and reuse single-side printed paper

- We use energy efficient light globes (either compact fluoro or LED)

- We buy locally and use local services wherever possible

- All printing is done with vegetable based inks with a carbon offset company (with the exception of printing done on our office laser printer)

- We investigate the the TLC (total life cycle) of the products we sell as much as we are able to with our limited resources to satisfy ourselves that they are superior to conventional options, and are one of the best sustainable options available

- We buy Australian made wherever possible - where a product is made elsewhere, it is because there is no Australian made product with comparable sustainability credentials

- All our staff live locally so that we continue to support the vitality and sustainability of our local community.

- We offer easy access to sustainable products to our local community, and we utilise products and services from other local businesses.

Northern Business Achievement Award Northern Business Achievement Award