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Blog spotlight: Veggie Mama

Veggie Mama



"Veggie Mama is a lifestyle blog written by someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Evidence suggests nobody has taken her seriously since 1984."

Just reading this intro to her blog makes me want to follow Stacey, whose entertaining simple living blog Veggie Mama is full of many amusing and also useful mini-posts about food, kids, and life. Its really easy to read, has great ideas for living simply and making your own, but she's also all about 'you doing whatever you want to do!'

That really resonates with us at Going Green - we hope we inspire you to make greener choices by example, not by being fanatics. With Halloween coming up - we really enjoyed the Veggie Mama Halloween ideas post - some of the pics are above.

Then just last night, Stacey posted a blog about how she cuts down on her shopping bills as well as a thought provoking piece about superannuation of all things! But really, we all do need to think about such things - so give it a go, subscribe and get those good stories coming.

Oh - if you subscribe to her newsletter you also receive a free meal planner with 50 meal ideas - looking forward to my first one!

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